Managed Projects & Premium Talent Recruiting Service

亚搏体育官网 We hire the best Freelancers for you from our Premium pool of curated Talent.

What you get with Truelancer Prime?

亚搏体育官网 Truelancer is the World‘s top platform to find, hire, and pay freelancers. With Truelancer Prime we personally sort through our talent pool and pre-screen the best options according to your requirements. We also manage your Project on your behalf thus providing you best results with least hassle.

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Prime Service

亚搏体育官网 Get prime talent sourcing and dedicated support throughout the way.

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Prime Talent

Access to handpicked, top-rated freelancers from our curated pool.

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Prime Managers

亚搏体育官网 Access to our inhouse Prime Managers who manage your Project.

Prime Hiring

Work with the Best Freelancer at an affordable Cost

We match you to the best Freelancers on Truelancer who are a perfect fit to your requirements and within your budget. Our selection process involves reviewing Freelancers' work history, Project portfolio, certifications and interview.

We offer Services
in the following domains

Web Developement

Frontend, Backend. API Integration in all the latest technologies and Stacks like LAMP, MEAN, Ruby etc

Mobile App

亚搏体育官网 Android I iOS I Hybrid Mobile Apps and backend APls.


2D-3D Designs, UI /UX, Desktop publishing, Animation. Video Editing etc.

Customer Service

Efficient customer care, phone support representatives and Virtual Assistants.

Prime Recruiter

Our Prime Recruiter invites pre-screened candidates to apply for your Project, screens their application to find best fit, interviews them and selects the best one according to your need.

Managed Prime Projects

亚搏体育官网 Our inhouse Project Managers manage your Project on your behalf giving you the best of the remote team experience. Your Prime manager handles all the management aspects of your Project including:

  • Scheduling tasks & creating daily tasks for the hired freelancers.
  • Handling efficient communication between you & your freelancers.
  • Sending you regular progress reports.
  • Advising you on Technical frontend of your Project.

Prime Tools for efficient Project Management

Your Prime Project Manager comes equipped with plethora of efficient project management tools (JIRA) and Time tracking Tools that helps him manage the project efficiently and bill you transparently.

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